Thanks to Everyone Who Took Part in our THWTB Celebration in September

Nov 01, 2023

Celebration Time
Close to one hundred retirees and friends celebrated their first (or another) year of retirement at Lanark’s
beautiful Timber Run Golf Course on Lanark County’s first day of school. The smiles on so many faces lit up
the room, and the laughter and chatter were almost deafening. As part of our annual tradition, a new retiree and a veteran retiree each rang a school bell to begin the festivities. This year, Louisa McMunn and Michael Hurren were our honourary Bell Ringers. Chatting with new and seasoned retirees, one quickly realizes that ‘retirement days’ are often just as full as our ‘working days’ were – just not rushed.
We were very happy to welcome the following retirees: Janice Page Featherstone, Tammy Kleiboer, Janet
Sheehan, Lesley Blanchard, Vicki Shea, Louisa McMunn, Theresa McDonald, Tania Mason, Tim Zander,
Jane Penfold and Deanne Strong.

Thanks to everyone who attended, as well as many thanks to all of our RTO District 29 Executive who helped in the planning and implementation of this celebration of our new Retirees!



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