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Entente Group Insurance Program – Improvements to the Travel Plan

Oct 23, 2022

The Know Your Entente Group Insurance Program presentation on October 11th was, from all accounts, a resounding success! Colleen Knox, from Johnson Insurance, gave a thorough and informative presentation about all the aspects and advantages of our benefits plan to 48 RTOERO District 29 Lanark members. She provided information, resources and tools we need to help navigate our Entente Group Insurance Program with ease.

Improvements to the Travel Plan were also explained during the presentation.  These included the following important changes.  You have a new option to top up your existing trip cancellation and interruption coverage.  With the RTOERO travel insurance included with your extended health care plan, you’re covered for up to $6,000 per person, per trip for cancellation or interruption expenses. You can now add extra coverage.  Buy the extra trip cancellation/interruption insurance for a specific trip to have coverage of up to $12,000 per insured for that specific trip. Choose single, couple or family coverage.
Read the Entente Group Insurance Program booklet for full details, as coverage is subject to the same terms and conditions as the trip cancellation/interruption in the RTOERO travel plan.  You now have coverage for up to 93 days per person, per trip through your extended health care plan. If you’re travelling for longer than 93 days outside your province or territory of residence, you can easily add coverage for extra days.  Add five more days of coverage for a trip of up to 98 days, or extend your coverage in 15-day blocks.  Staying longer? Extend coverage while you’re already on vacation.  Premiums are added to your regular monthly payment and deducted in equal monthly installments.

For full details, including the premiums and application form, visit the RTOERO website.
Get your questions answered by a licensed Johnson Insurance representative or add extra coverage by
calling 1-877-406-9007.

Safe travels!  If you have further questions?  Contact RTOERO by email at [email protected] or by phone: 1-800-361-9888

If you missed this session, or have misplaced your booklet, remember that you can always call RTOERO or
Johnson – Service and Claims directly.
RTOERO: 1-800-361-9888 [email protected]
Johnson – Service and Claims: 1-877-406-9007 [email protected]